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What research has been done to inspect whether there are connections between the spiritual and the physical?

Starting from the belief that spiritual does in fact exist, has there been any research done to discover what sort of provable effects and connections exist between the physical and/or mental aspects of human life? If so, what do they present? Are their any TED talks directed towards this?

I assume those interested would be those who study and are interested in the overlap of various studies such has cultural, medical, religious, and psychological, and their practical relationships. Potential experts this question is geared to are those in the field such as neuroscientists, psychologists, endocrinologist, physicians, religious workers, etc...

There of course is a starting bias that the spiritual does in fact exist, and in definition is different that the psychological, emotional, and physical.

Also related, what experiences have you had that proof or disprove the overlap of the spiritual with human life?


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    Jan 10 2013: There are MANY such experiments and studies going on. Explanations remain controversial - primarily between those looking for more answers to explain the unexplainable and those who believe that the explanation is clear and self-evident. But I expect that this controversy is not long-lived. There is already a STRONG shift to delcare the fundamentals of what you ask about as being as legitimate as relativity.

    Some experimental evidence? There really is a LOT!

    Take what is happening at Princeton. Random number generators are used. Volunteers call the center, announce that they are going to use mind power to produce more zeros or more ones. Very surprising results are coming out of this. They include the fact that individuals can change the probability of random numbers, and that men and women are different in that men are stronger in one direction and women in another.

    How about what's happening at Majarishi University? They were able to quantify a shift away from violence in a culture, and to duplicate the findings under the rigorous overview of many. In studies, it was discovered that if the square root of one percent of an area's population comes together to meditate (not pray - just meditate), that violence, crime, heart attacks, house fires, traffic accidents, war, war-funding & bomb dropping, emergency room visits, psychiatric admissions - and similar quantifiable data - all are reduced by at least 16%. Others have since studied this and have duplicated the results - even increasing the numbers in an advantageous way. (By the way, these experiments also quantify increases in quality of life improvements.

    Others have put groups of people in front of tanks with balls that fall on at center-point on a fulcrum, where the ball drops either left or right. They discovered that the more people trying to get the ball to drop one way or another significantly impacts which side.

    There are many more, but I only have 2,000 characters & I've used them up
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      Jan 10 2013: This is not true.

      The number generator experiment was conducted by "The Global Consciousness Project" - people who already believe in parapsychology and quantum mysticism. The experiment has been refuted as being subject to selection bias. Independent researchers found no anomalies in the data that couldn't be explained by already existing statistical models.

      Do you mean the Maharishi University of Management? Founded by Maharashi Yogi who in the 70's claimed to able to levitate people? The same guy who preached spirituality, while owning dozens of luxury cars? His claims of influencing crime statistics have been refuted thoroughly.

      It doesn't help your credibility that you are willing to use falsified research in order to promote this pseudo science. Where is your critical sense?
      • Jan 11 2013: Although your retort has a few biased holes also, I do appreciate your honesty is wanted to make sure credible sources are known, and incredible sources thwarted. Thank you.

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