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The Whole Art Philosophy: An aesthetic view of life

Just want to share an idea. The philosophy of Whole Art is one that I keep ever present in my daily life, and I would love to share it with others, keep the revolution in motion and possibly expand the ideas.

Whole Art is a philosophy that believes and proposes that life and art are impossible to divide from one another. Art is neither stagnant or lifeless, but survives on its own without requiring a specific or concrete form. It can be seen, smelt, heard, tasted and felt in all aspects of life and living. Life and art are symbiotic - it is impossible for one to exist without the other. Whole Art goes beyond an appreciation for the aesthetic and raises art to a celebration of living. There are no limitations in art. Art is not concerned with age or gender, race, religion or labels that are commonly used to categorize and identify people in this world. Whole Art believes in making art a part of the entirety of life. Whole Art takes the painting off the wall above the living room sofa and brings it to the forefront of everything. The primary goal of the "Whole Art Revolution" is to change the way that every individual person thinks about art and its purpose.


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    Jan 10 2013: Viewing things through the aesthetic eye is very useful and I agree. Art = Communication
    • Jan 10 2013: Yes, I love how even a singular image can mean a hundred thousand things to a hundred thousand different people!

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