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What impact (positive or negative) do you think an expanding Chinese economy and media base will have in the developing world?

Both the private and federal sectors of the Chinese economy and media has been growing very quickly over the past couple of years. In Africa especially, one can notice a growing connection between African economics and China. The main issue with this is that Chinese agreements do not hold the said third world governments to a high responsibility in terms of how it is helping its people. Also, even though China is investing, the main people who make up the work force in these new factories are Chinese people. As this relationship has grown, one can notice the Chinese media finding footholds in various African countries. CCTV, China Daily, and many other Chinese media corporations have begun to expand and develop programs in the third world.
One of the issues that comes with this new dynamic is the problem of censorship. One of the main critiques when it comes to the Chinese media is its intense use of censorship. Censorship has already caused tension with China domestically speaking, as well as internationally. If Chinese media is expanding to the third world, what does this mean for the people of the said countries, and what could this mean for future global geopolitical and economic dynamics.