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What is your nation's costume?

Hey there :) Well I am opening a conversation about national costumes I want to know more about other national costumes, especially your home country costume.

My favorite is Slovenian national costume, because I live in Slovenia and iit's very nice actually. Here are pictures:

I hope you like it, and please tell me your favorite costume or the costume of your country, why you like or don't like it and so on. :)

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    Jan 9 2013: Dare, are you looking for traditional dress or a description of what people commonly wear day to day?

    To find traditional dress for the United States, you could do an image search for Native American clothing. But as the vast majority of people currently living in the United States are the descendents of Europeans, Asians, Africans, and so forth, you could consider also the traditional clothing of people from any part of the world to be traditional dress for parts of the United States population.

    If you are asking, rather, what people wear, it depends somewhat on age and where the person lives. Some really common ways of dressing casually in the US by either males or females are jeans, dark, or earth-colored pants and either a t-shirt, a shirt with a collar that buttons in front, or a mass-produced pullover sweater. Another very typical form of dress is athletic wear in stretchy fabrics that often have some sort of brand name or team name on them. For example, tennis shoes are very common and usually can be identified by brand if you look closely enough.

    In terms of what I like best, there is a difference in what I find aesthetically appealing and what I prefer to wear. For example, black cotton jeans or pants, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a waterproof jacket, and flat lace-up shoes would be my choice for casual wear most of the time, but I love the appearance of things like ikat robes of a Samarkand type.
  • Jan 19 2013: United States: blue jeans, t-shirt and athletic shoes as far as I'm concerned. Anything else is painful.
  • Jan 11 2013: A flag on a crucifix