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Loving or being loved?

If you have been asked to choose between the person you love and the person that loves you, who would you choose?

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    Jan 10 2013: The state of 'being in love' has much more to do with hallucination than a real feeling.
    We tend to dream and idealize our partners ... True love is unconditional and thus very rare in modern world.
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      Jan 12 2013: Hi Lena;
      What do you mean by " Unconditional Love " ? I hear this most of the time, but everyone has a different definition of it !
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        Jan 12 2013: Felling unconditional love you expect nothing in return accepting everything which is given to you...I think most of people experience this kind of feeling towards their immediate family members. We unconditionally love our parents, brothers, sisters and kids...For no particular reason. For alll and nothing at the same time.

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