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What Is The True Reason For Mass Murder And Gun Violence?

Gun Violence has many facets. Numbers reporting gun violence from different organizations seem to never closely correlate to one another. How can we as Americans penetrate the rhetoric to have meaningful discussions regarding gun violence and mass murder?


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  • Jan 11 2013: Kate - I agree with 90% of what your saying, but I think the problem is much larger and more insidious than just "culture." Look at how the US has changed in the last 60 years; as a standard people in the US don't really "want" for anything. Our standard of living is pretty much the best in the world for all classes of our society. I was deployed to the Southern Philippines (Counter Terrorist Operations that the media all but ignores). Just 5 of us...the people down there have nothing..and the people in local government positions are extremely poor by our standards. I point this out because I think our country is becoming unfocused. Where this very general thought really starts to take affect is in parenting or lack there of. I sometimes wonder if...because both parents work, are too tired to spend one on one time with their kids, are too quick to diagnose ADD/ADHD..etc...we are no longer providing our children the skill set to deal with emotional issues that arise. Are we as a nation suppressing the needs of our children and not providing the guidance when things are tough for them. Have these recent incidents been a cry for help from our lost generation?
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      • Jan 11 2013: Sorry...Hope this is better...

        Thank you for you thoughts, I agree with everything you are saying. I'm finding your point regarding fame interesting. To quote (someone) "Fame is a fickle thing." I think when you throw the need to be "seen" by someone, anyone (or everyone) the drive to do something outrageous increases. I does still come down to mentorship and parenting. All the negative emotions of growing up need to be tempered with nurturing, strong hands.

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