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What Is The True Reason For Mass Murder And Gun Violence?

Gun Violence has many facets. Numbers reporting gun violence from different organizations seem to never closely correlate to one another. How can we as Americans penetrate the rhetoric to have meaningful discussions regarding gun violence and mass murder?


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  • Jan 9 2013: Sir, it is my hope that we, as Americans will actually have a comprehensive, thoughtful, common sense debate regarding gun control. To date, I am utterly disappointed by representation on both sides of this issue. One side would have us believe the other is attempting to take all guns and the slightest restriction leads down the road of complete denial of Constitutional rights. The other is trying to convince us that any and all guns are evil, the people who have guns are evil; if we ban all the bad guns then no one would get hurt or die. This type of logic from both sides is egregious especially when our elected officials (GOP and DEM) use ignorance to push an agenda. The outrage over Sandy Hook has propelled Politicians to scream for more gun regulations but I fail to see how banning guns is the answer. I agree 100% with the idea of closing loopholes and holding those accountable who break or skirt the law. Facts are facts, no matter how people spin them; you can’t get away from the math. There is a middle ground that both sides cannot seem to find and are unwilling to compromise in order to do so.

    Why aren’t we addressing the issue that will have the most impact on these incidents, “What is the root cause of the dissolution of these individuals that it makes it OK to conduct atrocities like Sandy Hook?” But, if we are to focus on guns as the sole answer then lets admit that America is woefully negligent in finding a real solution to the problem and our children are still at risk.

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