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Spread Awareness that Schizophrenia is not a 24 x 7 Mental condition

Most people have no idea what schizophrenia really is. They think that Schizophrenia is a 24 x 7 mental condition and people diagnosed with it are under delusion, hallucination or hearing voices all the time.

Typically, as per my experience... when the key symptoms show up it is known as 'Episode'. Episode can be controlled within a period of 1 day or 1 week depending on how long it takes for the affected person to have the medication working effectively.

I would say, most people with this mental condition spend 5% in Episodes and 95% dealing with the effects of medicines, memories and trauma resulting from the Episode.

If this clarity is brought forward on media it can change the way how people see the affected.

Mostly, people affected with schizophrenia are dealing or trying to cope up with daily life 95% of their lifetime.

The acute challenge is Episode .... but the challenge posed by the reality of social awareness imposes the impression that the Episode or Key symptoms of Schizophrenia is a lifelong experience.

Hence, the affected people are treated with stigma in the society.

There could be a change in the approach of people affected with Schizophrenia, Caregivers, Medical Professionals and society in general if this distinction is expressed clearly when talking about Schizophrenia.

Would spreading a simple message that Schizophrenia is not a 24 x 7 mental condition bring about a change in thinking??


Closing Statement from Xyle Soulful

Thank you everyone for your inputs.

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    Gail . 50+

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    Jan 10 2013: When my brother and sister (both have schizophrenia) are not on their meds, for them it is a 24/7 condition. (Well, I can't say that it impacts them in their sleep - I simply can't know that. But I can know that it impacts them (and us) every waking unmedicated moment).

    The social stigma would probably go away if those with schizophrenia were not so likely to go off their meds.
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      Jan 10 2013: Yes, thanks so much for sharing your experience. I believe, that when people go off the meds or are taking improper dosage of medicine, they tend to stay in 24 x 7 schizophrenic mental condition. Hence I put forward this question to all the people who are going through schizophrenia day after day , week after week.... "Are you getting a proper treatment?"

      It is one thing to have a relapse and go through the key symptoms for a day or for a week while the drugs are taking their effect on us. But it is quite another to live with these key symptoms everyday as if it was meant to be.

      I have had my share of relapses and dosage of ineffective drugs.

      This discussion is taking a nice turn. Thank you so much :)

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