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What are you doing to make sure your children are eating wisely and healthfully?

As a foodsitter i'm interested in finding out around the globe what are you guys doing on your small capacities, to make sure kids are eating properly, knowing what they are eating and conscious of it.
children have to learn how to love food and that is my work!!
talk to me and tell me your stories please!! :)

  • Jan 11 2013: hello Haley and thanks for taking time in aswering my question! your frame of mind is already on the right track!! that's the idea and the spirits! be a good example! we are the mirror for the children, being yours or not!! another good point you made about teaching them a variety os tastes. developing their palate is ever so important and part of their personalty as well!! keep up the good work!
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    Jan 11 2013: I don't have children. But I think it's a great idea to be a good example for your children, so when I do have children I will eat healthfully in front of them. I will introduce them to a variety of different tastes as well.