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We Need to Wise Up Our Finances; by Wising Up Our Policies on All Fronts.

The problem is far more complex than just not having enough revenue. Lets take the military budget. The military spends $90.00 on screws and a $1000.00 on toilets! The whole system is corrupt to the core. Not only does this deprive the American people out of money it makes the military weaker.

The medical expenditure is simply unsustainable. The medical costs are incurred in the last six months of life. The bulk of this money is spent on the worst cases. Not only are the costs huge the elderly patient goes through a lot of pain and suffering. Perhaps 80%+ of life's total pain is suffered during these last six months of life. Perhaps we spend this huge amount of money as someone said, to prolong death rather than prolonging life. For the majority of these unfortunate elderly patients it is an undignified and painful life. The treatment itself is in many cases more of an insult to life than a celebration of life. Our medical policy must be wised up.

Our education is in such a mess that after spending trillions of dollars we now have a trillion dollar student debt. We spend the bulk of our education budget on making every student a jack of all trades. We even force those who are not suited to become jack of all trades to struggle and struggle with their studies. Every single task requires professional skill. What is a jack of all trades good for? Not much, as even the lower skill jobs need professional expertise.

We produce 80% emotionally challenged brains. We teach the mind while we ignore brain education and even miseducate the brain. Emotionally challenged brains are responsible for such high rates of crime, divorce, depression, drug addictions etc. Crime alone drains our resources of over 1.3 trillion. Just imagine the total cost of emotionally challenged behavior. We need to wise up our education policy by introducing a new compulsory subject that teaches wisdom/emotional intelligence.

  • Jan 10 2013: manuals cost something and what not Whenever someone wants to change the medical system-look what happens Hillary tried to sell something like the German system back in the Clinton administration. Germans get rid of students that don't belong in the 8th grade and have good vocational training-We don't! The educators decided to improve selof-esteem years ago. Not much disagreement here,but the party politic seems almost designed to be non responsive. Okay Simon Bolivar was concerned about this aspect of our system. How do we get the big political contributors to support real reform?
  • Jan 10 2013: In or around 1996, a World Commission of Sorts (don't remember the exact name), came out with a study that had taken, as I recall, around ten (10) years to discuss, gather & put together.
    What this report did, and it included as many countries as possible at the time, which was a lot, was to accurately and conservatively estimate a dollar figure for cleaning up or solving every problem known to mankind, i.e. starvation, pollution of all kinds, poverty, illiteracy, slavery, crime, corruption and so on. So one can imagine that the figures arrived at varied of course but were astronomically high. At the time again. I think it was completed in 1984 but I don't recall. The total figure of all these countries and all these problems was also astronomical and on first glance one might say, "impossible! Who or how, are we gonna pay for it?" Meaning all us humans.

    Well, that total came to only one quarter (1/4) of the worlds total military spending.
    Military money is stolen money, unless the citizens of those military powers want war as much as their leaders do.
    If they don't, then the money is stolen.
    However, when you mention or use the word, "wisdom", then act with wisdom.
    Who was wise enough to tell mankind to get rid of the money changers? Who told mankind to not have or use money?
    None other than Jesus, someone I don't believe in personally, but the words attributed to him, are wise and should be followed or taken up in today's world.
    Listen, and you will hear voice after voice, after voice, saying, "we can't do that!", or "that's impossible," or, "money isn't the cause of all our problems!"

    If money isn't the cause, then why do we need money to solve our problems?

    Well, actually we don't, because nothing, absolutely nothing costs money!
    Everything costs people.
    We have these problems that don't and are not being taken care of or solved in any real concrete way.
    That is because"
    Things don't "get done" because of money.
    Things, "don't get done", because of money
  • Jan 10 2013: The medical lobby doesn't care if the country goes bankrupt. They will keep trying to resist any diminishing of their power.
    Every special interest group does the same. The solution is to make sure we elect wise leaders; who will forget partisanship and will not be influenced by lobbiest.

    It is no coincidence that the Germans have the highest per capita savings in the world. While we produce jacks of all trades they produce money making brains!
  • Jan 9 2013: The military accounting is more complicated than it seems. Also, I am not so sure about some of your other statements.
    • Jan 9 2013: $90.00 for a screw is $90.00 for a screw; no matter how you account for it. What is wrong with the statement, 'The medical expenditure is simply unsustainable?'

      The German's have the highest per capita individual savings in the world. Their education system produces the most per capita professionals. We produce more jack of all trades.

      Our upbringing traditions have to be reviewed as we produce phony over confidence in our children that is responsible for most of the emotionally challenged behavior.