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What should be done in a school to nurture a kid.

I am having a speech on Thursday so I want as many comments as possible. What happens is Sir Ken Robinson have told us that we educate people out of their creative capacities but he didn't suggested how to educate them. What are the possible ways to educate a whole being?


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    Jan 16 2013: I think a large factor nowadays is that with the population growth, you can't really expect a low student-teacher ratio like many specialists would recommend unless you send you kids to expensive schools where the price limits students and you have that system. We recently had a speaker at TEDxBeirut talk about the method of guiding the children as a means of education. Allowing them to slowly develop the method of analysis themselves and giving them responsibility at a young age nurtures them to enjoy learning and they develop an independent means of learning. This is not to say that teachers aren't needed, but letting children take action in their learning experience seems to be something very good for them.


    2 of my friends are teachers in Marj's school and they say that their children really develop a sense of loving learning rather than seeing it as a burden. I hope that is helpful!

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