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Eastern v Western ideology

Are Western spiritual ideologies less accepting than Eastern ideologies taking also into consideration the crusades & the Spanish inquisition? I do know there would be an outrage in our Christian community if a mosque was to be erected in our city & in our Christian community there is a lot of racial discrimination.

I feel only through true acceptance can true spiritual awareness be obtained.


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  • Jan 19 2013: Mathew

    I don't want to come across as arrogant here but ....it is hard to find an entry point to your 'Debate' topic. This is because there are too many subjects in your opener ......the Title is Eastern vs Western ....but then your follow up example is about the community objecting to a Mosque in (your?) "Christian" communit
    Repeating again ...not snooty/arrogant here ......Islam is one of the three branches of the Abrahamic -Based origin-Religion .( true those Christians who reject the Old Testament and only accept the New Testament would disagree but) ..Christianity is obviously one of the other branches. IOW Islam is not an "Eastern" religion in the trust sense. I could go on to Islam respect all books etc ...instead I will just say that the city I am in has had a Mosque for 100 plus years ( the first in North America ) and the land and construction assistance was donated by the other two branches of the/their Abrahamic religion. ( just saying that in response to your "community" aspect)

    Guess that makes me a fence sitter in this "debate" ....because I can't see any reason to choose sides.

    Be Well Be Present

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      Jan 19 2013: G’day Ed

      I think there are plenty of entry point here just choose one, answer the question for starters.

      Islam & mosques are seen by westerners to being eastern if it is or not however in the question I also related to the Mongols who are eastern who accepted all religions under it’s rule when at about the same time the Christian crusaders weren’t. You have an eastern race who aren’t that religious & who treated their fellow human better than Christians!!!


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