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Eastern v Western ideology

Are Western spiritual ideologies less accepting than Eastern ideologies taking also into consideration the crusades & the Spanish inquisition? I do know there would be an outrage in our Christian community if a mosque was to be erected in our city & in our Christian community there is a lot of racial discrimination.

I feel only through true acceptance can true spiritual awareness be obtained.


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  • Jan 11 2013: Religious beliefs are not the units to measure spiritual awareness. Inherent human values define our soul and nourish the spirit. How religion is an answer to spiritualism?
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      Jan 11 2013: G'day Shikha

      I would have to agree & I think that this is the fundamental mistake we keep making, spiritualism doesn't mean it has to be of a religious nature but like you said it’s inherent to human values, look at what the churches & their religion has done in the past & it’s still going on today, they have nothing to be proud of.

      The Mongols slaughtered many but accepted spiritualistic values & beliefs system within their empire but around the same time Christians where slaughtering everyone in the name of God not of their faith including other Christians who lived in acceptance with other faiths.

      I’m certainly not putting all Christians in the same non-accepting way because that wouldn’t be anywhere near correct as many Western Christians are now living with & accepting others faiths into their reality. Once one accepts other values without seeing a threat of some kind is a sure sign of true spiritual acceptance.

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