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What is time?

Wasting time makes you think what time is... How everything is connected... After long contemplation you realize that time is everything around you! Gravity, matter, space, energy... All of it cooperate together to make time pass.

Actually, why do we even say time? Everything in the universe orbits a bigger object, the Earth and the rest of the planets orbit the sun at different speeds but they all move around the center of the milky way at the same speed. That galaxy floats around some bigger object etc. at some point we will realize that everything in the universe floats through it at a constant rate, then space = time! We all float through this space-time and each second passed can (theoretically) be measured in kilometers if only we had a point of reference (we can't find it as everything we know moves at the same rate). The theory that we can travel through time when reached over-light speeds seems not so realistic to me after tonight. There is something missing, we just accept that everything is relative. Each object in the universe is influenced by a bigger object, but the universe as a whole is influenced by something even bigger and it floats at a constant rate around it...
What do you think?


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    • Jan 13 2013: Beautifully said , Mark !
      Any attempt to define Time as a ' phenomenon ' that can be distinguished from everything else doomed to fail. Anything that could possibly occur in human mind belongs to Time and to everything, so we can't define anything in this realm. On the other hand, whatever you say what Time is , it may answer :
      Yes, it's me . :)
      Re : Now the question remains, do you occur as an aspect of that ongoing movement, or does it occur as an aspect of you ;).
      I guess both, it's inside out and back or vice versa, no causality here, since no movement ...in usual sense.
      I can't language it, can you ?
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        • Jan 14 2013: We are talking about nothing/everything .... apparently , it's really hard to talk about.
          Actually, not possible at all .

          Thank you for the effort ! :)

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