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Palestine 194 – a country in statu nascendi?

Just yesterday , Mahmoud Abbas, the The Palestinian president has signed a decree to officially change the name of the Palestinian Authority to the State of Palestine.
The move follows a successful campaign, during the UN’s 67th session in November, when the The Palestinian Authority was granted a non-member observer state status at the UN.
Will all this unilateral efforts bring us closer to the revival of the Middle East Peace Process or simply extend it’s impasse?
What are the potential scenarios?
Bear in mind that I am calling here for a purely scientific analysis… not a demonstration of support

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    Jan 9 2013: I can't comment in depth, but it does feel the situation has changed lately more than it may be acknowledged. First, several arab countries in the area have been busy enough dealing with internal divisions, and these seem to be enough of civil conflicts, not just religious conflicts, to make foreign parties be more careful of not thwarting any timid westernizing social changes that may be finding a vehicle through this unrest. Also, a key country like Egypt has changed their goverment, the Iranian situation has been dragging so long that it's starting to lose the threatening aura, and the Syrian hornets' nest is drawing all the attention away from Israel.

    What intuition tells me is that the country statu may be not pushed into reality, but sucked into it by that vacuum of urgent pressing matters, the ones that served to keep deferring the conflict solution to some other time in the future.