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Will corruption ever be eradicated?

Corruption exists in every country and every walk of life in one form or another. Very subtle in developed countries but out in the open in poor, non-democratic countries. In the latter it is often encouraged by western companies which use it to gain contracts.
What can we do to help get rid of this plague?


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  • Mar 28 2011: Very little as the world economy exists today. As long as capitalism or economies in general for that matter exist, so will the misuse of position and capital to elicit personal or ideological gain. Corruption isn't so much the problem as it is a guaranteed, and arguably necessitated aspect of any form of barter or trade. As unrealistic as it may sound, lowering demand for trade seems to be a logical means of negating the need for creating an unfair market advantage. Therefore, it would serve to reason that some means of production, any means, for individuals to produce usable goods not for trade, but for personal consumption would serve to reduce corruption more than any direct means of intervention. If people have what they need already, nobody will be interested in coming to give local leaders or officials dirty money to let companies or countries sell things to people that they won't buy because they don't need. In short, addressing the manufacturing of necessity and the reduction or outright removal of the means of production of the common individual is a good place to start.
    • Mar 30 2011: I understand the logic but have to disagree. As Soviet prosecutor I was fighting with corrupt crooks who didn't own the means of production - the people did. Introduction of capitalism in the former USSR brought more malfeasance, but of different kind. Now nearly all believe that they were duped in the nineties - even many crooks themselves, for there were still bigger crooks who got away with more billions in stolen property.

      In general, there is a place for the market, marketing and private ownership - it (as well as government) simply needs to have different shape, allowing for more responsible and effective democracy, with its checks and balances.
      Andrei Vorobiev CorruptionManagement.com

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