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Do you think that economic intervention would work to provide stability to Afghanistan?

Since the announcement of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, there has been some discussion regarding economic intervention to provide stability in Afghanistan. Russia had helped with providing support for infrastructure and has noted interest in expanding its economic support, and Chinese companies are already mobilizing in the region. India has also noted interest in providing economic support, and I might have forgotten a couple of other countries.

In exchange for providing economic support, Russia and China have noted interest in the mineral resources in Afghanistan worth billions of dollars. Russia is also interested in reducing opium production in Afghanistan that has funded the Taliban and caused a heroin addiction problem in Russia.

Do you think that economic intervention would be successful in Afghanistan? If so, what strategies should these foreign countries should take, and what angles do you think they should focus on in providing economic support? Do you think there will be any consequences, drawbacks, or challenges that economic initiatives will face?


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    Jan 8 2013: No. Deport all non-Afghan people from the country and keep non-Afghan people out of the country. After several years the country will stabilize when the Afghan warlords strike a deal to run the country peacefully. And the world can go on without them.
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      Jan 8 2013: What is your reasoning here, edward? Because countries other than Afghanistan open their borders to foreigners and are not unstable. For example, the United States has not had to deport all non-Americans, and yet it is stable.
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        Jan 8 2013: I am out of my league regarding world political history but my perception is that, in my lifetime thus far, the unrest in Afghanistan is the result of occupation by military forces from other countries. Those forces have been "Defensive/Protective" and "Offensinve/Invading/Conquering". It strikes me that the one experiment we have not conducted is to leave them alone. I think it is worth a try.
        PS- You see the US as stable? You should post that as a conversation. Thank you!

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