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All of us can make a difference..and here is how! "Small community talks"

I am sure all of us have an urge to make a difference and bring a change to the community by some means and hence we are part of this respected and resourceful TED community!

But how far have we gone to bring about change that we want to see in people around us, our neighbours, our friends, colleagues, our community etc. Be it anything from sharing your experience that should teach someone a lesson to influence people to live a healthier life to educate underprivileged children around us or to make someone a better person.

Being a TED Speaker is probably the best possible way to reach millions of people. But to positively change and influence our closest ones in our community or circle, all it takes is an idea and a voice!

Share that one most important thing that you want to share with your community that can make a difference in their life.

(This idea is truly inspired by the whole idea of TED! The rich and thoughtful knowledge it imparts in its viewers effectively)


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    Jan 9 2013: Yeah, per your comment below, I was trying to figure out where courage comes from. I don't know if it comes from parents, or teachers, or from within.

    For me, courage has something to do with self-esteem. It's valuing your thoughts enough to stick with them even when the going is difficult.

    It has something to do with self-respect. Many times in life I have to choose between doing the more courageous thing and the less courageous thing, and I always choose the first one. Because I would dislike myself if I chose the other.

    It has to do with a desire to grow. Usually I find that the situations that offer the most chance for growth are the same ones that take courage. It makes sense, that the things that are difficult for you will also be the things that help you grow.

    I have found that it's easier to be courageous if you have information, knowledge. Any time you choose a difficult position, it really helps to know a lot about the subject area where you have chosen your position.

    I have found that to be courageous you have to be able to handle rejection. Many times I choose the courageous path, and I have to suffer a lot of criticism or outright rejection. But it's okay, I'm still alive. It's true, sometimes I get rejected, but more often I have enormous success.

    Mohanapriya, those are some of my ideas about courage. Do you consider yourself a courageous person? Why, or why not? What are some specific areas where you show courage? Where do you think courage comes from?
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      Jan 9 2013: Yes I do consider myself a courageous person, I have always stood for the right things, Like I have supported many causes for empowerment of women and demonstrated against child labour (Although at small levels), all these needs some form of courage to go out in public and give our your views that you believe is right. This courage may be because of having valid information or knowledge like you said.

      But there are some things I am not courageous enough to do - Like swimming in deep waters or driving a motor bike on busy roads (although I learnt both, fear always stopped me from proceeding). I rem as a young girl my mother would never allow me near water or never let me drive a bicycle as she was over protective. There was a lack of support from her on these aspects because of which I was unable to overcome these fears in later years. This is why I felt, when you are young your parents or teachers do to some level inculcate courage.
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        Jan 9 2013: Thanks Mohanapriya. I'm glad you feel courageous, I had been worried that you did not. I too have marched in a demonstration to make the streets safe at night here in my hometown. It was initiated by the YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association), yet many, many men marched, including the chief of police and the mayor.

        Your mother may have done a good thing by discouraging you from swimming in deep waters or riding a motorbike on busy streets. It is good to be courageous, but both those things sound a little dangerous. One can take courage too far.

        Yeah, I'm still not convinced it's your parents who inculcate it. Because then we have to ask why certain parents inculcate it, and certain don't?

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