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Human Resource Management - Student, School of Management, University of Southampton, UK

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All of us can make a difference..and here is how! "Small community talks"

I am sure all of us have an urge to make a difference and bring a change to the community by some means and hence we are part of this respected and resourceful TED community!

But how far have we gone to bring about change that we want to see in people around us, our neighbours, our friends, colleagues, our community etc. Be it anything from sharing your experience that should teach someone a lesson to influence people to live a healthier life to educate underprivileged children around us or to make someone a better person.

Being a TED Speaker is probably the best possible way to reach millions of people. But to positively change and influence our closest ones in our community or circle, all it takes is an idea and a voice!

Share that one most important thing that you want to share with your community that can make a difference in their life.

(This idea is truly inspired by the whole idea of TED! The rich and thoughtful knowledge it imparts in its viewers effectively)


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    Jan 9 2013: I would want to share how changing a few small things in the course of a day can have such a profound effect. The idea that if everyone in my community took a shorter shower would save X amount of gallons of water every year for example. I think sometimes the issues we encounter seem overwhelming, but bringing those issues to a local level and showing people how these small changes could change things would be an awesome way to reach out.
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      Jan 9 2013: Even a small positive change will have a big impact.. Thats one reason behind this idea.. Good luck to you.. Wish you find a way to reach out to people effectively! :)

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