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Are the changes in India, such as the influence of western culture, technology, and loss of tradition, altering the country for the better?

I recently read a book in a class that talked about how the old traditions of India were quickly fading away in favor of money and being more corporate. I read that in most places, especially big cities, India is rapidly changing from its past ways and that this has its ups and downs. So I was wondering, do the good aspects out way the bad?


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    Jan 17 2013: India is complex, and this is from an Indian. You have to live it to understand it. Tradition and culture in India, according to me are things that haven't changed for centuries and are practiced without question. And since Indians have been averse to most changes, almost everything we do has, by default, become tradition. In this context, when change occurs, however minute, we Indians feel that we are eroding our traditional values.
    One example, of many such millions, would be the headgear of the people of Rajasthan, a desert state of India. Here, men wrap several meters of cloth on their heads to form a turban. This would obviously have been to protect their heads from the scorching heat.
    Now this head gear, cumbersome and impractical as it is, is being replaced by caps. And Indians are crying hoarse about their loss of tradition and culture to western ideas.

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