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Should we invest with a specific objective of achieving immortality, or let it be just a happy consequence of fighting specific diseases?

As a TEDtranslator I have stumbled upon today on a relatively new TEDxAmsterdam 2010 talk in Amara by one of my favourite visionary scientist – Dr Aubrey de Grey.
The talk is yet to be transcribed and translated and is not visible on TED website, thus I am sharing a link to it on the YouTube.
In a nutshell, de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist, the Chief Science Officer of SENS Foundation advocates that world community should invest as much resources as possible for research into ways to slow and possibly end the process of aging – in effect leading to immortality. I am curious of your opinion on that issue.



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    Jan 9 2013: the two things are pretty much the same. death by age does not exist. you alway die from some disease, let it be cancer, clotting in vessels, degradation of brain tissue, etc. if we fight all the diseases, we achieve immortality.

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