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Let's upload photos of Afghanistan from those among us who were lucky enough to visit it during peace time.

In another TED conversation led by a young person from Afghanistan, he (?) asked the community what we'd like to be able to see in the future. He himself has never seen peace in his country and wished to see this, above all.

I'm too young to have gone there myself in peace time, but I have met older Japanese people who said they were tourists in the 1970s and visited the markets of Kabul and the buddha statues in Bamyan. They regret so much having lost this part of the world. I'm going to ask them to share their photos! Those of us outside Afghanistan hold all these lovely memories of it, sadly locked away--forever? I thought the TED community MUST have some photos somewhere to share...

This country has been put on hold for 30 years. And the younger generation in and outside of it have no memory of it, really, of being anything but a warzone, wasteland. We have such a strong digital culture and digital memory now. Why not "create" an Afghanistan that we want? I created a page that anyone can post on--do you know of anyone who remembers a peaceful Afghanistan in this lifetime? I think it would be nice for young, Internet-connected Afghans to look at :)

A few non-Facebook people have contributed already from Japan and the UK:


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  • Jan 9 2013: Interesting, however, I am 63 years og age and am unable to recall when there ever was a "peace time" in Afhganistan in that time.
    Pray tell what time frame are you refering too ?
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      Jan 9 2013: I think the country, especially in the rural areas, has always been unstable and crushingly poor. But in the mid 1970s, Kabul and its surrounding areas were accessible, and relatively safe for foreign travellers. These people are who I'm trying to find. I've tracked down some already: https://www.facebook.com/TheAfghanistanIKnow

      Please ask around, in case you might know of people who've saved their photos!

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