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How do I start a movement in my community where different religions and cultures learn to accept each other and interact with love?

I am in Midwest America where Christians judge others solely on their religious beliefs. I'm desperate to find ideas to promote acceptance between religions.


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    Jan 10 2013: Terry, It always helps the responder to be able to view your posted bio. Different locations in Midwestern America could respond to different events.

    For the sake of argument lets say a large city ... St Paul, Minn. Most large cities have a interfaith council that ministers attend. If you are sincere in this quest ask to address them and present some ideas and solicit their cooperation.

    Find a neutral location a community center and have dinners and programs.

    Include cultural, dress, ethnic foods, games, This would rotate and evolve with time to films and lectures. The major goal here is to introduce "people" not politics .. religion ... or conversion .... just enjoyment of the company of others.

    You get the picture ... do your homework and make the pitch.

    Good luck. Bob.

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