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During the coming decades, in what ways do you anticipate that our humanity’s hopes will win out over our fears?

Please think of our audience as the 3rd millennium generation, plus future generations. What legitimate hopes for our humanity’s future can we offer children and pregnant women in 2013? How shall we act on our hope for the future?
Take the challenge to be positive, empathic, and good. Site references. Be your helpful best.


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    Jan 13 2013: We are educating people out of their creative capacities. I'm quoting Sir Ken Robinson but I think we can generally agree that this is the case in our current education system. Unless. My contention here is that this does not offer the kind of hope for the future that we would wish to see instilled in future generations. Current kindergarteners will be retiring in 2072. A centuries old tradition does not seem to me to be the best way of offering an engaging culture of hope and empathy. Sorry. That's another annoying aspect of my view. Expanding empathy as well as creativity is absolutely essential for out collective future. Sure, technology and its advances offers hope. Also our new-found social circles that expand to do good globally. These things offer hope in brand new ways and I am grateful for them.

    Let's be organic gardeners of hope. Let's inspire future generations and humanity at large, not just tolerate them.

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