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During the coming decades, in what ways do you anticipate that our humanity’s hopes will win out over our fears?

Please think of our audience as the 3rd millennium generation, plus future generations. What legitimate hopes for our humanity’s future can we offer children and pregnant women in 2013? How shall we act on our hope for the future?
Take the challenge to be positive, empathic, and good. Site references. Be your helpful best.


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    Jan 13 2013: Part of what I gain in these TED conversations is the sense of where paradigms are changing or need to change. I start conversations attempting to change others by changing their perspectives. While that does happen I also end up seeing my own perspective change as well.

    Now I'm thinking that the wording of this question is misleading since "win" or "win out" is associated with zero sum games.

    I mean to play a non-zero sum game here, to both advance my ideas as well as absorbing the ideas of others in an attempt to improve every participant's knowledge base, including my own. In general I attempt to turn "either/or" perspectives into "and/and" perspectives. I believe the aggregate of our attempts to improve the world are what matters, not who comes in first, second, or third.

    I am not looking to exclude resources or people or ideas. On the contrary, I'm looking for ways to be inclusive, to find collective intelligence in our efforts, to add to the next generation's bag of tricks for improving the human condition.

    There are several metaphorical asteroids of doom headed toward our collective thrivability this century. I want all of us to find and share ways of facing these threats and tipping points with hope and courage and empathy and non-zero-sumness.

    Before I add comments to conversations or reply to comments here I look at the profiles and past comments of the commentators and listen to the TED talks that they like. I invite you to do the same with my web pages, TED talks or even Google results of my name. Not in order to win points, but to better understand each other so we can understand how we can support and generate support for the common good of our future on this planet.

    In a spirit of the audacity of hope,
    and hoping for audacity,

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