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During the coming decades, in what ways do you anticipate that our humanity’s hopes will win out over our fears?

Please think of our audience as the 3rd millennium generation, plus future generations. What legitimate hopes for our humanity’s future can we offer children and pregnant women in 2013? How shall we act on our hope for the future?
Take the challenge to be positive, empathic, and good. Site references. Be your helpful best.


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    Jan 9 2013: I hope we don't kill ourselves by harming our environment. A lot of people often say we need to "save the planet", in my eyes it is not the planet that needs saving. "save humanity" sounds better. If the human race became extinct I'm sure that our planet would be better off.

    I can imagine the human race ending by either war or climate change.

    But I still have hope! :)
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      Jan 9 2013: I hope so too. (-that we don't kill ourselves) With "save the planet" language I think we just needed a short way to say, "Let's save the planetary conditions in this century that allow our niche in the biosphere to remain viable." But you're right about war too. We are more than capable of committing species suicide with our own weapons technology.

      And you still have hope. Yes! I want some version of that hope to go viral among 7 billion while at the same time we face the responsibility of cooperating for the greater good of all.

      I'm like, hey Tesla, that's a cool gizmo there, that dynamo, that electricity generator thing. Now can we create something like that to charge up everyone so we all play an Olympic-like non-zero sum game where everyone wins big time? Can we? Why not?
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        Jan 11 2013: Yeah I think your right about "save the planet" :).

        I do still have hope. But a part of me believes something drastic may happen before more people "wake up" and start realizing that what we are doing to our planet is real. I don't think a lot of people take climate change seriously. I still have many changes myself that I need to make with "saving the planet".

        But hope starts with people like us who are aware of what's going on, and people here on Ted who have wonderful ideas. I plan on spreading hope and awareness, especially when I have children. I may even become a elementary teacher (I'm in the process of deciding) and right there is a great opportunity for me to take a bit responsibility for our mother earth and help the children appreciate our environment.
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          Jan 12 2013: Re "wake up"
          Haley Goranson 
          Hope may not have been the right word for this question. You're right, awareness has to come first. For some of us, perhaps the time is right to act collectively on the hope we have, validating each other's efforts. 

          In this century, we are more sensitized... 
          "...more able to think, feel, and respond together..." -Richard Tarnas

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