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During the coming decades, in what ways do you anticipate that our humanity’s hopes will win out over our fears?

Please think of our audience as the 3rd millennium generation, plus future generations. What legitimate hopes for our humanity’s future can we offer children and pregnant women in 2013? How shall we act on our hope for the future?
Take the challenge to be positive, empathic, and good. Site references. Be your helpful best.


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    Jan 9 2013: Mark, I really appreciate the way you get back to me. But I'm still confused. You say you want to generate hope for tomorrow's child, but then you say you don't see young people without hope. So it's like you're trying to solve a problem when there's no problem there.
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      Jan 9 2013: The kind of hope a glowing pregnant woman has is her personal confidence that her baby is wonderful. As an uncle and great-uncle and independent study teacher with teen moms I validate that personally and one-to-one.
      I want to inspire hope for the future. Activities that I participate in are not for me so much as for the future generations. The Internet offers ways to inspire hope and collaborate for the greater good. Hope to me is that emotion that gives me the sense that working for the future is worthwhile. I see it in (grandfather) James Hansen's confident optimism, when facing David Letterman saying, "We're screwed, right?"

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