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Why America is Emotionally and Physically Tired.

It is the ignored, neglected and undetected emotional baggage in the brain that is the most common cause of all this tiredness.

The most common cause of tiredness is due to our 'emotional baggage belief' of being the best. This is one cause that we as parents erroneously integrate into the physical brain structure of our children. We will be taking a big step in removing so much tiredness from our children's lives if only we did not tell our children that they are the best; and instead took steps to make them become the best.

Consider the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. They were living in total bliss in heaven unaware of their own position, limitations and responsibilities, without any need to worry about their future, or have any ambitions of power or hunger for knowledge. They were blissfully happy with a totally relaxed and happy brain and mind. Suddenly Satan introduced all the elements of fear, jealousy, greed, ambition and their limitations, the chances to disobey and break the laws. Their chance to become god themselves by knowing good and evil drove them to commit evil. Thus Satan introduced evil by telling them their status of being powerless without the knowledge of good and evil.

Similarly by telling our child that he is the best we introduce a personality changing evil that introduces the worst emotional baggage into the brain's physical infrastructure. The child was totally lost in a happy life of living in the now. Becoming aware of being the best raises expectations, introduces an element of status, creates a phony overconfidence, makes the child compare his own self with others. Instead of living in reality the child dreams of being # 1. He expects to come ahead of all others. As this seldom happens in the real world; the elements of jealousy, greed, hatred, anger, confusion, guilt, ambition all become part of the personality. Even happiness gets elusive.


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  • Jan 8 2013: Sajid.
    Would you please clarify for me what you mean? It appears to me that you would like children to discover themselves without all this "emotional baggage" but you use the phrase in your second paragraph, " make them become the best."
    Making someone sounds like an awful lot of pressure not only for the children but for those adults who are doing their best to "make them" become something the adult may want more than the child. I personally don't like the sound of "making them into anything" so I'm not sure what you meant by that. It sounds contradictory to what you want.
    As I understand the story of Adam and Eve (though I don't believe in it), this Biker Devil lied to them and that is what split their oneness from God, from themselves and from each other.

    Lying, or the act of deceiving (the misrepresentation of reality to another person's conscious mind), creates a split in the psyche, which then leads to doubt about what one knows, their senses, their intuition and thus, not trusting themselves, or what they already know or knew. This leads to neurosis and neurosis are not true. It's emotionally draining because one is always either going against themselves, sabotaging themselves, or not sure of what to do because they are split from everything they once knew, but never had to go through. The constant battle in life seems to be learning to trust oneself, no matter what another thinks or says.

    While it is not wrong to lie, I do believe it is wrong to lie to children in their early, formative years and that this is what leads to most kinds of mental illnesses that are not of an organic nature. A study done in 2008-2009 revealed that more parents are lying more often to their children about more things. And the most recent Comorbidity Replication Survey that I read stated that mental illness is in over one-half the U.S. population, is spreading (growing larger) and begins at the age of eleven. Parents pass on the lies they were taught, making them neurotic.
    • Jan 8 2013: Wow! A 5 star comment.
      Instead of telling the child that he is a champion; make the child become a champion. Look at how champions are raised. Tiger Woods dad did not tell Tiger he is a champion, he gave Tiger a golf stick and ball and made him practice, practice and practice. This practical learning process has to be introduced early without telling the child that he is the best.

      You got it exactly right. We introduce lies into our child's emotional personality causing the child to become his phony self image. No wonder our lives are partly phony. In fact most of the man made mess is due to our emotionally challenged behavior which results from our emotional baggage planted in us by our own parents and even society.

      In my observation the so called normal majority is actually sub-normal and it is due to our trophy self image. All that is required is a shift in the traditional ways in which we bring up our children. We need to bring up our children on truth. We need to know how to create wisdom from early on.

      Whether the Bible is true or not but there are lessons in the Bible that explain wisdom and the pure self.
      • Jan 10 2013: Hi Sajid.
        I don't know if the above comment was a reply to me or not but I wished to add something to what you recently wrote.
        In my eyes & in my mind, the so-called "normal majority" as you called them, are not (only) sub-normal, but they are seriously mentally ill, bordering on insanity, & certainly headed that way en masse. They seem normal to one another & cannot spot mental illness or insanity because everyone around them is mentally ill if not outright insane. It isn't those shooting people in schools. They aren't the majority.

        I add to this: the fact that there is so much lying going on, by the media for decade after decade, by parents (a child's worst enemy), by educational institutions, by government, by religion, by movies, books and other methods of embedding false information into another's psyche, creates or has created and introduced the very first form of Artificial Intelligence into the populations of the world, particularly the Un-united States. AI isn't coming in the form of robots. It is however, coming in the form of humans who are rendered into being mental robots, thus, they have artificial intelligence embedded in their psyche. They are mental robots. It is so common to hear people say, "what was I supposed to think?" Well, You, meaning they, were supposed to think!!!
        They were not supposed to just think what they were told or have been told to think, believe, say or do and conversely, not believe, not think, not say or not do, because they were told to.

        They should all be reminded that William Casey, the head of the CIA in 1981 stated,
        "We will know when our program of disinformation is complete, when everything the American people believe, is false!"

        First, people have to wake up or be woken up.
        That is a Herculean task.
        They have Manchurian Candidates for political office & the citizens are Manchurian Citizens.
        And they still believe voting works. Voting is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results. Insanity
        • Jan 10 2013: Dear Random: The above was a reply to your comment.
          Unfortunately much of the lying is due to ignorance about the very nature of what is wrong. We teach the mind and we miseducate the brain. Parents, teachers, society all create phony self images instead of pure selves. The so-called animal nature of man is nothing but the emotionally challenged brain that is created by our faulty upbringing.

          If we can get together ten people from TED and then start a chain awareness we will be able to spread the right knowledge.

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