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Why America is Emotionally and Physically Tired.

It is the ignored, neglected and undetected emotional baggage in the brain that is the most common cause of all this tiredness.

The most common cause of tiredness is due to our 'emotional baggage belief' of being the best. This is one cause that we as parents erroneously integrate into the physical brain structure of our children. We will be taking a big step in removing so much tiredness from our children's lives if only we did not tell our children that they are the best; and instead took steps to make them become the best.

Consider the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. They were living in total bliss in heaven unaware of their own position, limitations and responsibilities, without any need to worry about their future, or have any ambitions of power or hunger for knowledge. They were blissfully happy with a totally relaxed and happy brain and mind. Suddenly Satan introduced all the elements of fear, jealousy, greed, ambition and their limitations, the chances to disobey and break the laws. Their chance to become god themselves by knowing good and evil drove them to commit evil. Thus Satan introduced evil by telling them their status of being powerless without the knowledge of good and evil.

Similarly by telling our child that he is the best we introduce a personality changing evil that introduces the worst emotional baggage into the brain's physical infrastructure. The child was totally lost in a happy life of living in the now. Becoming aware of being the best raises expectations, introduces an element of status, creates a phony overconfidence, makes the child compare his own self with others. Instead of living in reality the child dreams of being # 1. He expects to come ahead of all others. As this seldom happens in the real world; the elements of jealousy, greed, hatred, anger, confusion, guilt, ambition all become part of the personality. Even happiness gets elusive.


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    Gail . 50+

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    Jan 7 2013: Your take on the mythical Adam & Eve story is very different from the text.

    Adam & Eve were made in the image of god/the gods (both "I" as God and "we" as gods are used.) This means that Adam and Eve were gods. But when they judged good and evil (ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil) they lost their perspective, thus their ability to use their godly powers. At that point, they saw evil in themselves and each other, and in this way, came to fear death.

    The Garden of Eden (the ability to be gods and not see evil) was protected from those who choose to see evil. The story does not say that you cannot re-enter the garden. It says that the way was blocked for those who reject their godliness. The only way to get back into the garden is to stop judging (perceiving) good and evil. The only way for a christian to do that is to walk through his/her fears. Fear is the flaming sword.

    The way to help a child is to remind him/her of the birthright of godliness, and help them to see BEYOND silly superstitious notions of good and evil and "specialness" in that context.

    If you teach a child that evil exists, and that the child is born with an inexorable seed of evil (that you can overcome but not remove by accepting some else's sacrifice as a ticket to heaven), you inflict gave damage on the child. The child grows up fearful. Those who are fearful cannot enter back into the garden/heaven because the way is blocked.

    Those who dare face their fears, find their own inherent perfection, and realize that they actually are made in god's perfect image, can enter the garden.

    Why do you think that Jesus talked often and much about "judge not"?

    You would be amazed to know how many ex-christians have learned that Jesus is to be taken at his word (except the cut off your hands or pluck out your eyes part - which were obvious additions to his words.) Because of this, we have learned how to use our godly power. We are called evil by xtians because of this.
    • Jan 7 2013: "Why do you think that Jesus talked often and much about "judge not"?" Exactly right!

      Before Satan, Adam and Eve were living the attributes of an emotionally healthy life. Satan introduced emotional sickness by making the brain emotionally challenged. Satan introduced emotional baggage in the form of conscious selfishness. Man changed into ignorance from wisdom. We parents do the same with our children. We introduce all the elements of ignorance by transforming our child into a trophy self image.

      The rules are clear for creating wisdom. Postpone self identity as much as possible. Let the child enjoy post natal life engrossed in emotional and physical pleasure as much as possible. Let the child live in the now. Let the answer to the most vital question,'Who am I' get set into the physical brain innately'. Let the self identity of the child build up through love, hugs and kisses. Through a healthy upbringing and not by introducing a phony self image of the child being the best. This nurturing behavior must continue till the child reaches the age of six as the self identity of the child is well set by age six. Let the child learn its self identity effortlessly and innately by experiencing life through a super mature emotionally healthy upbringing.

      The mistake we make is we think God made us into gods. He made us His image. It is like an apple in the mirror. The image of the apple is what he made not the apple!

      Jesus is talking to us in code only because He wants to make sure we understand
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        Jan 7 2013: Well, there is no sense going on. YOu have filled the story with your imaginings so completely that it no longer makes sense.

        Jesus didn't talk in Code. If you take Jesus at his word, you will find that he is saying something very different from that which your christian leaders want you to hear.

        Curious that you use the word "code" to justify your calling jesus a liar.
        • Jan 8 2013: In the light of the latest research in neuroscience the bible and Jesus is proving to be true. Jesus talks about casting out evil. Evil in science terms is the emotional baggage. And to cure the emotionally challenged behavior the emotional baggage has to be cast out.

          The more you put Jesus under the microscope of science the more you will see that Jesus is talking science!
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        Jan 9 2013: Yes, In the light of the latest research in neuroscience the bible and THE TEACHINGS OF Jesus are proving to be true. Too bad that Christianity doesn't like the teachings of Jesus, preferring those of Paul instead. We could solve our world problems in a matter of months.
        • Jan 9 2013: It is amazing how our Bible experts have mostly missed the true message of the Bible.

          The fundamental question that each person has to answer correctly is: 'Who am I?'

          God has clearly told us the answer to this most essential question, 'Who am I?'

          First, God is saying that He is Wisdom. He is Pure. As opposed to God having wisdom or God knowing wisdom.

          God is also telling us that He has made man in God's Own Image. Which means that man too in his pure form is wisdom as opposed to man having wisdom or knowing wisdom.

          Jesus has repeated again and again, in fact 83 times, that He is the 'son of man'. Jesus represents what is humanly possible. Jesus is telling us that we too can be like Jesus; pure and wise.

          The question is how can man become wise/wisdom?

          Note: it is about becoming wise, not having wisdom or knowing wisdom. The reason that our current wisdom education is a failure is because we make no attempt to becoming wisdom as we try to teach wisdom like we teach math and science. All that the current wisdom education does is make the student knowledgeable about wisdom. So man ends up having the knowledge of wisdom instead of becoming wisdom. Which means man with current wisdom education remains unwise while having the knowledge of wisdom. It is the same as man having the knowledge of what it means to be a millionaire while remaining poor; rather than becoming rich and being a millionaire.

          It is very clear from the message of the Bible that man needs to be made into his pure self. As the pure self is effortlessly and innately not just wise; the pure self is wisdom. Pure man is exactly the way God made the original man and so wisdom education is about making man physically pure. In science terms it is about making the brain pure, which will project the pure self. A pure brain is an emotional baggage free brain. Thus wisdom education is brain therapy that cleans the brain of all emotional baggage.
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        Jan 9 2013: We take different routes to the same end, but we do arrive at the same end. (I don't relive in God - unless God is "being" as opposed to "a" being).

        But we do get to the same end.

        Nice to know another wise person
        • Jan 9 2013: The more science figures out the mysteries of life the more evident it will become that the Word of God is what is telling us the mystery of life in the first place. Science is looking for answers that are already there in the Bible. My focus is trying to uncover wisdom. I have now over 1500 articles, blogs, papers and press releases on it. I am looking for partners like yourself. I have inventions, trademarks, and plans how to make the world wise on a mass scale. If you google, '4th r foundation' you can access my work.

          Indeed we get to the same place. Science wants to understand the reality and religion is trying to tell us the truth. They both want to make life happy, healthy and successful.

          Take wisdom, which is the equally essential half of human intelligence. Religion has an edge on wisdom but science ignores the religious knowledge on wisdom and is pursuing emotional intelligence; which is none other than wisdom at the super mature stage!
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        Jan 9 2013: I would also add that rather than asking self "who am I", it might be more effective to ask "what am I"
        • Jan 9 2013: Asking questions from every possible angle is the right way. What am I is very important.

          Science is working on solving the question, 'How the mind works'. I turned the question around to, 'Why the mind works the way it does?' I ended up with a US patented theory that explains the cause of human nature and has huge practical applications in philosophy,education and the mind sciences like life coaching, and various mind therapies!
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        Jan 10 2013: I read some of your press releases. Well-written, but I disagree with essential parts. I think that your explanation makes it all too mystical. You essentially say that selfishness is the absence of wisdom, but I disagree. SELF-ishness (self-awareness) brings and end to ego and a beginning of a new way of life where we are powerful creatures who need fear nothing and manifest that which we want. Selfishness, on the other hand, empowers ego.

        Selflessness is a meaningless word in the context in which I speak. It is not an act of selflessness to give up one's life on behalf of another, if one is self-aware. A SELF-ish person would simply manifest an alternative reality where the sacrifice was meaningless so it never happens. This is evidence of lack of ego. A belief in one's powerlessness is evidence of an ego in charge.

        I could use Jesus' teachings to make my point, but I would have to go to the pre KJV texts to do so fully. Most people have never learned about them, and because they are so fundamentally different from current gospel texts, they are rejected by current christians.

        Better than use a verifiably flawed source (Bible), there should be some experimental evidence to support the claims. I suggest proving the incredible POWER of the individual rather than the low EQ might be more effective.

        Those who have discovered what you are touching on are not believers in "God". MANY are ex-christians. Perhaps most - I don't know. I just know that the ability to use one's power comes with either giving up on god or redefining the god-concept so that it is no longer a personality.

        Use the word God and people will hear what they want to hear. There is no way around that. That's how communication works. It can work no other way.
        • Jan 10 2013: Please review the following: (please google)
          Press Release - 4th R Foundation: Why is Wisdom Selflessness?
          Selflessness does not mean powerlessness. It projects an authentic pure power that cannot be explained in words. It is a kind of supreme confidence with an innate awareness of being a part of the whole like a drop in and part of the ocean of consciousness. It is not even ego-less it is just a pure consciousness without any conscious identity.

          The Bible is not flawed; it is just not understood correctly. You cannot blame the Bible for it's wrong interpretation. The power comes from correctly understanding God.

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