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Teaching wisdom and emotional intelligence.

“Wisdom education is simply about taking the emotional healing to a new super mature mind level; it is about making a normal mind super normal”

It has now been well established that emotional intelligence is as important as regular intelligence; yet there is very little enthusiasm about teaching emotional intelligence. Institutions are not rushing in to start emotional intelligence education. The reasons for this neglect of emotional intelligence education are obvious. Teaching emotional intelligence has proven to be very frustratingly impossible. So there is a lot of talk of the essential need for emotional intelligence education and yet little effort is made to even research to find ways to teach it.

The reason why emotional intelligence education is a failure is because we have little clue to the true nature of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is an innate property of the physical brain. In order to improve emotional intelligence the physical brain has to be improved. No wonder trying to teach emotional intelligence just like we teach regular math and science does not work as the physically ignorant brain continues to produce ignorance. It is like pouring fresh water into a glass that is producing its own stale water. The fresh water becomes dirty too.

As wisdom is super mature emotional intelligence we can combine and cross-reference their knowledge.


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    • Jan 9 2013: Wow! You are quite an artist. You are right emotional intelligence is not on the radar screen.

      You must transfer your ideas into at least paintings if not 3d.

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