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Should High Schools implement condom availability programs?

This is a controversial and polemic approach to reduce rates of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy among teenagers. Data from different sources has shown that is at the age of fifteen, on average, that teenagers have their first sexual relation. However, condoms are not used by most of them (in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, it is used by only 56% of the individuals aged between 13 and 18).
The condom availability program appears not to have produced an increase in sexual activity among high school students, and it appears to have led to improved condom use. Nevertheless, social and political aspects play a role on this issue.

Is the program necessary?
Since it's a public health issue, should religion and cultural aspects interfere?
Is it moral from your point of view? Why?
Pros and cons

I'm a 17 year old student from Brazil and I'm looking for opinions about this issue that could help me and my school's student council to discuss with the administration the implementation of the condom availability program for High School students.
Thank you!


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    Mar 29 2011: In order to produce healthy adults, we must have been healthy adolescents.

    So yes, I think we should raise awareness.


    ...only distributing condoms and making them available won't help. They will just sit there in a box. Or they will take it, but not use it when The Moment comes. "They are awful, I don't feel good in it, I forgot in the spur of the moment" We have to explain that their comfort and pleasure is not without consequences. And it only has to happen "one quick time"

    I don't know many HIV+ people, only one and he's only an acquaintance from another town. So, you see, this is a far away reality for us, young people in most countries (I'm a 20 year old, also from Brazil), which leaves the danger out of sight (and therefore out of mind)

    We have to insist on the fact that diseases are silent villains. And, you know, besides from the diseases. and despite having birth control, condoms are the best way for a guy to be sure he won't make a baby.

    Because young girls these days are out of control. How will they be respected? They use their sex to get places, to get to people, to jobs. That is not so far away from using sex to get money, right? Sex should be enough by itself, and for yourself.

    And, as I've seen now with a close male friend of mine, they LIE. A lot. They will say they are on the pill and make you sure you can do everything without protection, and you know, it isn't hard to convince a guy of that, right?

    So the girls make babies. Not because they want to nurture a child, no. They use the child to get places too. Get more money, get that guy to stick with you for life. Those 15 minutes without a rubber don't sound too worthy now, right?

    Isn't that a bit fucked up?

    I still have no idea what kind of argument will make them realize the risks of sex life, but we must get there. And it must come from us, young people. They don't listen much to the elderly though they should.

    Um grande abraço, Lucas

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