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Should High Schools implement condom availability programs?

This is a controversial and polemic approach to reduce rates of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy among teenagers. Data from different sources has shown that is at the age of fifteen, on average, that teenagers have their first sexual relation. However, condoms are not used by most of them (in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, it is used by only 56% of the individuals aged between 13 and 18).
The condom availability program appears not to have produced an increase in sexual activity among high school students, and it appears to have led to improved condom use. Nevertheless, social and political aspects play a role on this issue.

Is the program necessary?
Since it's a public health issue, should religion and cultural aspects interfere?
Is it moral from your point of view? Why?
Pros and cons

I'm a 17 year old student from Brazil and I'm looking for opinions about this issue that could help me and my school's student council to discuss with the administration the implementation of the condom availability program for High School students.
Thank you!


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  • Mar 29 2011: When I read your question, the only right answer in my opinion is YES, no doubt about it.
    People/ adolesents are having sex, that is a fact. (with or without a condom)
    The problem lies in the fact that there is still a taboo on sex. People are still uneducated about sex, don't know the consequences of sex AND the meaning of sex.
    Desides sex being an act of pleasure and love, Sex is first an act of respect.

    So wearing a condom is a sign of respect towards the other person.
    I think we have to come to a point that the usage of a condom is the same as wearing a seat-belt in a car.

    I believe when we distibute free condoms in combination with open minded en factual information about the human body and sex. The respect for other people will increase and the speading of STD's and unwanted pregnacies will decrease.

    As in the matter of the involvent of religion and culture, I believe these two institutions are responsible for the taboo on sex. By labeling people based on their opinion af a person.
    I realize a person is formed by their religion and the culture they are in. But still this person in very capable to show respect towards another person and protect them from STD's and unwanted pregnacies.

    I truly hope that some day we will live in a STD free world, where everyone respect one another.

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