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Is it always possible to be honest and polite at the same time?

One could argue that honesty and politeness are mutually exclusive in certain circumstances, especially when you are pressed to share your opinion on a particular subject/person. We all know that sometimes the truth hurts (or at least, "your truth").

Some people may think that the only way to get along with everybody is by not being completely honest (or by downright lying) and compliment them, as this way they would then think highly of you.

It's also curious that we tend to like the people we agree with more than the ones we disagree with. Certainly, It's really difficult to make friends with somebody who disagrees with you on almost every matter (even if on trivialities), which is a shame, as this person could be a potential friend full of love, generosity and good advice.

Are we living in a fake society where honest people are being penalized for sharing his true feelings/opinions?

Where is the line between honesty and rudeness? Is it fair to be untrue to your feelings for the sake of good manners? Are there some truths that should never be told?

What do you think?


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      Jan 13 2013: Thanks for the link, that was a good talk. It's also important to note that he says that sharing your secrets and being honest doesn't make you a good person. So, it's possible to keep hiding your secrets and tell "white lies" and still be a good person. I guess it all depends on the gravity of the secrets and their implications.
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          Jan 13 2013: I understand and share your view for the most part, you cannot possibly please every single person with your actions, that's for sure.

          I also concur that "a good person" means something different for different people. Therefore, you can lie to people (if that's your nature), be true to yourself and still be a good person in YOUR eyes (and also in anybody else's).

          Some people may have very good reasons to lie and may be proud of that.
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          Jan 13 2013: All right, but that's his respectable attitude towards life. For others, it could be a matter of doing what they think is right, even if that implies not telling the truth.

          In my view, you can lie to people and, at the same time, be true to yourself, as long as that's your philosophy of life. Of course, you wouldn't consider yourself an honest person in a literal sense, but would feel much better about yourself, as you were true to what you believed in.

          It's not about denying your lies but accepting them for a greater good (if that's the case).

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