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The violence meme is so ubiquitous I didn't notice it. I looked at this video and thought what irony then I thought man I'm as stupid as...

I was watching This Week with George Steponallofus, he had on as a guest Greta Van Susteren who made the comment that the source of the gun problem is us in the sense of we are a violent society. She pointed out the irony of the attached video. This is a meme that the answer is violence.

What I'm NOT talking about is the second amendment.
What I'm not talking about is the duh Pat violent video games or similarly trite comments.



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  • Jan 7 2013: If it were so simple as to outlaw guns or pass a law or whatever it would be one thing. But cultures just seem to have a set-point for murder. Americans seem to be sort of mediocre. Worse than Europeans lower than Mexicans. Very average.

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