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What are the best ways of naming your new venture: use metal, stones, colours or simply define the nature of business?

Would be great to know what names are catchy - is Apple better than Microsoft only because the name lets it out? How do you name a business in a competitive era

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    Jan 7 2013: I don't think most of the successful enterprises are due to their names rather its due to their brands that have done well within the society. Brands make names not vice-versa. So, i don't think name does matter with the nature of business you want to get involved in.
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    Jan 6 2013: Karl Ulrich, a professor at the Wharton School of Business at Penn, has a chapter in a recent e-book (Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society) about principles for picking brands and logos.

    I am sure there are many resources on this topic, but Ulrich's is, I think, worth the free or 99 cent Amazon download.

    I took his free course by the same title through Coursera.
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    Jan 6 2013: I think it works in the opposite way round.
    Its not that the name makes the brand popular, more that the popularity of the brand makes the name popular
    Alternatively why not just take the top 20 most popular and well known companies in any given sector and see if a pattern emerges in the names. (I already looked at game developers and there doesn't appear to be any such pattern, somewhat demonstrating my initial point).

    "Would be great to know what names are catchy"
    Well all popular brands have catchy names.
    Valve, rockstar, apple, sony, samsung, bmw, photoshop, youtube..
    But again, its most likely 'catchy' because the company is so well known and its become a household name.
    (Chicken and the egg scenario if you want something a little more objective).