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Should "Jobs" be artificially created, since most people seem to need them?

The whole idea of the Industrial Revolution is replacing physical labor by mechancal power, computers, robots, electricity, etc. Summed up by saying : to eliminate jobs. (for humans) This process seems to be accelerating, not slowiing down. We very well might face an economy with lots of "Productivity" , but few consumers,or "jobs". Analogous to what wealthy families have always been like. Except that they usually " take care of their own," i.e. create jobs for those who need them, however useless and inefficient. So, are we willing to face the consequences of doing that for everybody?! We would have to drop the idea of efficiency , or "merit"Just as in the Army; they pay you and feed you regrardless. Call it Radical, or Nepotism, which?


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    Jan 11 2013: Shawn, Under keynesian Economics don't we already do this through big government. There was absolutely no need for 32 new czars in our government but they were installed along with staff. There is no need for a staff 5,000 and a budget of $80 billion dollars for a department of education that has a mission statement of set educational policy and is questionally Constitutional as it is limited by the 10 Amendment. Billions are spent on Homeland Security as illegals pour across the boarder and recieve benefits from the states and are a polical ball while in violation of state and federal laws that are not enforced.

    Not only do we 'manufacture jobs" but we over pay them to do it.

    The private sector could not afford this "loss". The government has no problem burdening the citizens with this "loss".
    • Jan 11 2013: Robert: I'm afraid that we do NOT do this , or anything like it. I am proposing that we have something like Harry Hopkins creation of about 4 million jobs in about 4 months in 1934. In other words, you show up at an office, and you get a job , no questions asked, and no one turned away. As to our not being able to afford it, if we can afford to waste 1/3 of the National Budget on "wars" that are not even wars, then we can certainly afford to employ our own citizens, temporarily, in a time of need.
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        Jan 11 2013: Wars are funded by the Senate and you are right we cannot afford them. However, the Democrats do control the Senate and if they wanted to stop the wars ... as they say .. then don't fund them. At 16 trillion and 4 trillion more projected in the next debit ceiling raise ... Obama's projection ... we cannot afford anything.

        The fed is spending us to death on more stimuluses via QE 3 and the buy up of the acid loans on money that does not exist ... depression is all but guarenteed ... inflatuations a drop of the hat away .. and the administration does not understand what caused the fall of Argentina.

        We have developed the same welfare mentality and government sponsorship that has taken most of the EU down and yet we still do not understand. Obamacare the "free" medical answer will bankrupt 28 states that have made statements to the impact. But we still want "our free stuff".

        You want to solve some of the issues ... reduce the government ... reduce spending ... reduce the generational wefare and the entitlement people it has spawned ... stop Obamacare as employeers are already laying off people to compensate for the loss ... stop killing small business ... stop all the taxing, policies, directives, that are driving the jobs overseas ... make right to work a reality and return unions back to their root causes .. get the feds out of the states business as the 10th Amendment demands.

        No welfare reciepent would give up all they get for a minimum wage job that is about $70, 000 VS 20,000 in kind monies. Obama has promised education, welfare, medical, citizenship, and protection from existing laws costing the taxpayers billions and breaking states.

        Start with these and then we will have the funds for the people.

        Another program is not my opinion of a solution.

        Sorry if that sounds rude ... gotta start some place .. if we survive this and that a maybe.


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