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Terrorism a crime or an act of war?

In the current world we are engaged in a war against terrorism and those states we identify as supporting it. This is a shift from the traditional veiw of terrorism as a crime and its practitioners as criminals is this a good change? why? Why not?


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    Jan 6 2013: The notion of waging a "civilized" war, a war with rules that both sides agree to follow is, well, ridiculous. In-spite of the psychological manipulations ascribed to defining and restricting violent political conflicts as war or terrorism, it's all war. There are no boundaries and never have been. Everyone and everything is a valid target in war if destroying that target is perceived as a tactical advantage worth the potential political repercussions. "Collateral Damage" is assumed and therefore deliberate. How does this differ from a so called act of "terrorism" against a civilian target?

    War is hell on earth, there is NOTHING glorious, noble, or civilized about it. And America is as guilty of using "terrorism" as Al-Qeda.

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