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Human Resource Management - Student, School of Management, University of Southampton, UK

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Can we change today's stringent education system? Can we bring the right balance between creativity and academics?

The present education system embeds the fear of making mistakes (from which we can learn) deep into our minds.

There has to be a balance between creativity and academics. We are so engulfed in improving the products and technology each year (wont be wrong even if I said each month in fact!), that the education system is still what it used to be 50 or more years ago. We are failing to bring that balance!

P.S - Share your views on your education system as well, even if it contradicts my point of view. It would be a set of valuable ideas that can implemented in education systems that are still lagging behind in time.


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  • Jan 8 2013: In any university program, there are a certain number of elective classes that are required to complete a degree. These are the choice of the student.

    The balance is already there.

    Besides, nothing is stopping anybody from taking additional classes, going to a museum, reading a book, listening to music, or taking up a creative hobby like painting or playing the piano on their own.
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      Jan 8 2013: There are still many kids who are not motivated to go on their own and do things. They don't know the importance of extra curricular activities as much as they know about maths or science. But if it was a compulsory part of an education system it would be more effective wouldn't it?
      • Jan 8 2013: If THEY don't know what they like, then what system would? In the end, you are talking about motivation, not opportunities. The opportunities are there.

        You give kids too little credit. If a child likes to be active, they will pursue it on their own with very little prompting from anyone. If they are a natural couch potato, they probably wont.

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