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Can we change today's stringent education system? Can we bring the right balance between creativity and academics?

The present education system embeds the fear of making mistakes (from which we can learn) deep into our minds.

There has to be a balance between creativity and academics. We are so engulfed in improving the products and technology each year (wont be wrong even if I said each month in fact!), that the education system is still what it used to be 50 or more years ago. We are failing to bring that balance!

P.S - Share your views on your education system as well, even if it contradicts my point of view. It would be a set of valuable ideas that can implemented in education systems that are still lagging behind in time.


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    Jan 6 2013: You write that the present educational system embeds fear of making mistakes deep into our minds. I think this may be true in some classrooms, schools, or systems but is very far from universal. Fostering creativity and risk-taking (including making mistakes) is well understood in the field of education as important practice and has been for some time. I do not doubt your experience but only want to assure you that that experience is far from universal.

    I agree with Greg that your taking twenty-five years to determine what you want to do and what you are best at may not be a result of your school system. One learns this through inquiry and the experience of trying things for long enough that one can really feel what doing the work at the level of practice is like. This takes time. The role of education is very much to lay the groundwork for your experimentation with a broad array of potential options, much of which will occur when you are no longer in the lower grades.

    I see you live in the UK. Is it still true that one specializes there very young?
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      Jan 6 2013: Yes its definitely not universal... It does seem to be changing but at a very slow pace though... it would take a long time to eradicate some stringent education systems that still exists...

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