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An Idea that should better be spread or else WW III is likely to be clocked sooner than later.

Labor Arbitrage, Outsourcing, Off-shoring, In-sourcing, Temporary workers, H1 and H2 Visa workers ..etc etc. which has done wonders for the 1% percent in America and propagated so many false prophecy from myriad of Economists, as well as elevated so many politicians to power is on its way to fire back at its creators and at the same 1% of the wealthiest CEOs who have enjoyed the fruits of a low cost labor at the expense of millions who have been left powerless and blinded by the media and they're so called politicians. Light will ultimately shine on games politicians have played from all political parties, who have been amazingly fooling the masses with talk of they're so called different philosophy, when indeed they are all tight to same forces, who are looking at the enslavement of most for the profits of few - Any one who thinks this is some Commie talk or some insane liberal, will ultimately see the day when the same 1% will find themselves displaced , bought out and desintermiaded by all those benefiting countries such as China, India, Brazil, ..etc. who are ultimately looking at the outsourcing game from a different lens - it is about power and wealth grabbing , unlike Europe of the past centuries where power was shared by a bench of members of the same family - this is a complete different ball game. So for the 1% , so long as you can keep the 99% blinded - your farce will keep going .. though not for ever - ultimately the 99% will be enlightened and their rank will be even more emboldened by many of the disenfranchised 1%, when that happens - you are looking at internal and civil unrest, which only a wars can keep them occupied, except this time it will not be Afghanistan or Iraq , but a war that could make WWII look like a cat fight compared to what this would be, until then the 1% can keep at it and dream to be under the sunshine forever.

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    Gail .

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    Jan 6 2013: Those who are not ready to hear cannot hear. Those who don't want to see cannot see.

    You would be better served by working on yourself and learning how to manifest your own reality. This will alleviate your fears and anger and it will prepare you for the day that you see ahead. You are a being of VAST power, but those who want to keep you enslaved do not want you to know that.
  • Jan 6 2013: I do wonder if some of this make the rich a great deal richer stuff can't become destablizing. Especially if it involves lowering our incomes/the average person's or collapsing the wage structure as has recently occurred in America. Isn't what wakeup America is talking about ? - are you saying it's something else?
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    Jan 6 2013: OK I read this twice and still cannot find what the idea is. What are you talking about?

    Rhetoric about the 1% predates the Pharaohs (see Moses). So what is the idea?
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      Jan 6 2013: You should have been aware by his username that he was one of 'those guys'..
      The kind that type 8 lines in a comment on youtube all completely in capitals and all 8 lines are different conspiracy-theory talking points and have no relevance to the video whatsoever.
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        Jan 6 2013: I know Xavier. I was just trying to call him/her on it. Doesn't seem to want to take the bait and defend themselves.
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      Jan 6 2013: I understood the speaker's idea to be that labor in a variety of countries is being exploited in the sense of compensated at very low wages for the sake of profits which accrue to those who are wealthy and that those who are exploited by low wages or angry about either their own poverty/unemployment (due to outsourcing to the lower cost labor) or the exploitation of others will rise up in violence.

      While the idea is not new in history, many of the ideas people put forward here are new to the person proposing them but not necessarily to others. This variation is natural in heterogeneous learning communities. Issues one person may never or seldom have discussed with others will not be novel to others in the community.

      Many people do not realize that seeking lowest costs of production is seen as a way of making manufactured items less expensive for final consumers.