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How can we bring about true gender equality?

One sad truth that leapt out at me from this talk is the power-gap between genders. Amy Cuddy mentioned how male MBA students participate in the classroom with power poses and female MBA students don't. She mentioned how this illuminates the underlying power-differential between genders in the MBA class.

I would posit that this power-differential extends beyond the MBA classes and can be found everywhere. Regardless of whether it exists universally or just in MBA classes, I find it disappointing that even in this modern day and age of supposed gender equality, we have evidence that that women feel powerless and men don't.

So, I ask:
1) What are your thoughts on the root causes of this?
2) Do you believe it is something we should change?
3) Do you believe it is something we can change?
4) What will it take to bring about true gender equality?

Go ahead! Change the world in 2000 chrs or less!


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    Jan 5 2013: XY chromosome pairs result in a different being than XX chromosome pairs. The two genders will NEVER be equal. Gender equality is an oxymoron, a physical impossibility. There is a grammatical error in your phrasing. Do you mean to ask how can we rid the world of gender based bias which results in unfair or unjust business practices? If that's what you mean, it's easy. Just pass laws and establish company regulations forbidding such conduct. Most of the Western world is using that system currently. I don't know what can be done for nations/religions who do not recognize the rights of one gender. Maybe they should change their nation/religion.
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      Jan 7 2013: that was laughable. consider understanding there's a difference between gender and sex and using the words accordingly. you could say the two sexes will never be equal (even then, there's people that don't fall in the sex binary), but gender equality is a very real thing. gender isn't physical.
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        Jan 7 2013: Medical Dictionary
        gender gen·der (jěn'dər)
        n.The sex of an individual, male or female, based on reproductive anatomy.
        Sexual identity, especially in relation to society or culture.
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        Jan 8 2013: Did you have a point in replying to my post other than to spread your mistaken belief that gender and sex are different? Your second reply makes no sense to me. Clarify please?
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        Jan 8 2013: Do you still insist, Mr./Miss/Mrs/Ms/ ? Brewer, that gender and sex are different? If so that is why your belief is mistaken. In this discussion we are not talking about the classification of nouns and pronouns. We are talking about injustice and unfairness being foisted upon a person based solely on the fact that they are female (XX chromosomes), or male (XY chromosomes). Again, do you have a point to make as a participant in this conversation? It's OK if you don't, but please stop replying to me if you don't. Thank you!
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          Jan 8 2013: i actually wrote out a huge reply, but i can already tell i'm going to get absolutely nowhere with you.
          have fun with your medical dictionary.
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        Jan 8 2013: I'll bet that reading that hypothetical "huge reply" is going to be one of the great losses of my life.You do realize the sum total of your exchange with me is: 1) "as expected", and 2) "I can already tell i'm going to get absolutely nowhere with you" ( I hope you do not intend anything to do with gender in that statement about getting anywhere with me). I'm sure you will understand if I do not respond to any further replies from you to me personally. Use your one-on-one time with someone more intelligent than me.

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