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How can we bring about true gender equality?

One sad truth that leapt out at me from this talk is the power-gap between genders. Amy Cuddy mentioned how male MBA students participate in the classroom with power poses and female MBA students don't. She mentioned how this illuminates the underlying power-differential between genders in the MBA class.

I would posit that this power-differential extends beyond the MBA classes and can be found everywhere. Regardless of whether it exists universally or just in MBA classes, I find it disappointing that even in this modern day and age of supposed gender equality, we have evidence that that women feel powerless and men don't.

So, I ask:
1) What are your thoughts on the root causes of this?
2) Do you believe it is something we should change?
3) Do you believe it is something we can change?
4) What will it take to bring about true gender equality?

Go ahead! Change the world in 2000 chrs or less!


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  • Jan 7 2013: I believe that the whole idea of gender has actually been changed drastically in the past year or so. Gay, bisexual, transgender, and other communities have always existed, but not until recently have they become more of a hot issue and been prevalent in the world. So the question becomes what makes a woman or man? Is it what anatomy they have? Is it their sexual preferences? Is it what they personally think they are? All around me I do not just see women being put below straight men, but gay men as well. It is not just women suffering from gender inequality. It is true that the white straight male has is dominate in our western society and males in general have more power, but it’s not just over people who define themselves as women. The problem is not as black as white as female and male, but with the rise of people who identify themselves as more than those two things, it is time to look at gender equality in a bigger sense.

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