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Emergency aid relief donations of cash, goods, and materials. What happens to them?

There have been three or four conversation on why are countries still suffering and in proverty when so much has been given.

I decided to look at Haiti as a sample test of why this occurs. It is hard to pin down exact amounts ... how much goods ... how much materials ... etc. Even the population is disputed .. 9,719,932 claim citizenship but the site says millions live elsewhere but are counted as residents.

Just for the recent past: Earthquake cash was 5.3 billion since then there has been 4 hurricanes and each had a donate drive and the amounts are disputed. No figures available on the goods and materials.

One world organization states less than 2% of the donation have been spent. The people of Haiti still are homeless and living in poverty as shown in a recent 20 / 20 report.

Congress looked into this briefly and then the interest went away and has not been revisited. Canada stopped shipments looking into what is happening and why no progress was seen.

Are some charities more honest than others ... government corruption ... pledges not honored ...

If we find the problems and make suggestions could we turn this trend around??

With billions of dollars, thousands of volunteers, free goods, and materials could we do better?


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  • Jan 5 2013: well every step along the way there is a certain amount that seems to be skimmed off the top (usually cash) with no actual numbers on total donated vs amount moved it is impossible to track it along the entire way and find out where it goes in finality. But I would guess corruption takes a fair amount off before it even reaches the country in need, then the leaders there take their cut and the rest trickles to where it is needed.

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