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Unified theory: ideas and alternatives to the current options

For the ones that had thought and for the ones that hadn't, this debate is a way to expose your ideas about the unfied theory, string theory, quantum loops, theory of relativity and others.

  • Jan 6 2013: I did some graduate work in physics, and I don't understand what these concepts are really when you pass the concept of fruit loops for breakfast. Very simple questions in science do not have simple answers or answers.
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    Jan 15 2013: Not a particle physicist. Just a fan of Hawkins. The current options of the Unified Theory are just that. Are there new ideas and alternatives to quantum mechanics, Einstein's theory, etc. None that I have read lately, altho, there are many people who are .... doing the math... on some variations of current theories. So, are these current working
    programs to be listed here?
  • Jan 9 2013: Ok, I guess you could be right. However, I don't think that a person that did "some" graduate work could really judge my questions...