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Are great discoveries a metaphysical experience?

Great discoveries like Newton's gravitation principle; Einstein's general theory of relativity; Indian mathematician Ramanujan's theorems; Tesla's idea of AC motor or Mahatma Gandhi's idea of Salt March came in a flash to them.

Is the discovery of a great idea a result of hard sustained work of a prepared mind or a gift of God! This is the subject of debate.

A short essay on this idea explains the subject in detail. http://www.nariphaltan.org/discovery.pdf


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    Jan 5 2013: I disagree with your essay. I don't believe that there are places of "knowledge space" where the prepared mind accesses more information than is available at other times. There may be SOME truth to it. Who could know? But to say that information is time dependent rather than people dependent demeans the potentials of the individual. I don't believe that a theory of reality's workings would demean itself in this way.

    I also don't believe in an omnipotent God. I do believe that there is an aware energy field that I can connect to at will. It contains vast knowledge that the prepared mind (intellectually) can grasp. To be clear, it is not accessed intellectually, but it is accessed by aligning one's self to it.

    To do this, one must be self-aware because all are of/one-with this energy field at all times. To know it is to know self.

    We live in a culture where emotions have replaced intellectual thought. But emotions block access to the place of universal consciousness. Because of this, society is going in the wrong direction. It does so because it has forgotten WHAT a human is.

    This being said, there is a movement afloat. More and more people around the globe are becoming self-aware (you may also say awakened or enlightened as long as no hierarchy is applied to the state). I expect the view to overtake the current conventional wisdom - hopefully in my own lifetime (and I am 61).

    Is this because we are entering a place of space knowledge as the earth makes its 250 million year orbit around the black hole at the center of our galaxy? Or is it because Einstein looked at what came before, saw flaws, and gave us ideas that have been expanded upon, and those ideas are being tested by more and more individuals whose lives have been transformed by the answers to their testing?

    The second does not demean the individual. It lifts them up and empowers them. This is more in keeping with a workable reality model - in my opinion.
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      Jan 5 2013: Dear TL,

      I am delighted with your response because that is the whole purpose of this debate. There was no question of reducing the power of the discoverers or demean them. What I am trying to hopefully show that in the annals of human civilization there is a leap in knowledge. That is not explainable by prepared mind and incremental knowledge alone. I feel it is more than that. What it is and a possible mechanism, I have tried to highlight it in my essay. The ideas of Ramanujan, Tesla and even Einstein showed that this thought comes in a unique way. Also coming of good number of enlightened souls at a certain moment of history is possible when it is time dependent.

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        Jan 5 2013: I see reality as a state of potentials. When many people's lives point to the same potentials, they can then work toward them.

        I have also been a practicing psychic. To use this ability that all (who are self-aware) have, I become one with universal consciousness, and then connect with the person who needs or wants their potentials explained to them (and/or how to access alternative potentials).

        As one who is aware in this way, I know that every person, place, thing, idea, direction, inertia, etc. exists at its own frequency while being part of the whole.

        I also believe that we are not "born" in the way that is commonly understood. I believe that I am self-created (I am eternal) I might well have formed liaisons with others with similar objectives before we chose to be born in the same era. Because ideas exist with their own validity, and those who are aligned with those ideas have a specific frequency in common, either many will come up with the same idea or they will find one another and explore the potentials as a group.

        Every discovery opens new potentials to be explored (fulfilled).

        I believe that the reason for the explosion of newly-awakened people is because in looking at how unworkable our social systems are, and how individuals have been devalued to the point of being made powerless, many chose to come into this world at this time to show others how to lift up humankind - in order to save humankind from self-destruction and to point it to a wonder-filled reality. They saw a beautiful potential and came into this reality in order to experience it in the context of this reality, while helping direct humankind to it. This potential wasn't achievable before the last century when the knowledge explosion hit - thanks to the Internet.

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