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Which is more important, to do right or to do good?

A rich man walks down the street and drop a 20 dollar bill. You know he will not even notice it is gone. On the side of the street sits a beggar who looks really hungry. The good thing is to give the money to the beggar, the right thing is to give it back to the man who dropped it.

- Maybe instead of taking this question , as a question of right and wrong or judgment, perhaps what we can take from this is that there are a variety of opinions and many people have different ideas of what is morally right. That is beautiful to me. This is just an example that good and right are almost undefinable, or at the least the definition is always changing for everyone.

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    Jan 9 2013: It's surprising.Where are you from ? you know,your now major is my mother tongue.Or did you mean Professional Chinese?
    • Jan 9 2013: Oh, you replied here.
      I'm a Korean. I'm going to learn Chinese for a couple of years in college
      So, you're a Chinese. Glad to meet ya :)
      I don't know how to speak Chinese yet--which means I'm definitely not in professional level yet lol, but I will be able to do it.
      Thank you for your reply

      Best wishes
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        Jan 10 2013: Glad to meet ya ,too.
        And,Congratulations!You will be a college student starting from this March.
        Under your confidence,you will make it.
        It's my pleasure to give you some advice-Though, it may not so professional than your teacher-with my knowledge in Chinese if there is any question in your future-studying of the language.you may don't mind it.
        • Jan 10 2013: Thank you for your kind words~ :)
          I'll be so grateful for your help with studying my Chinese.
          Btw, I can't send you any emails 'cause there's no "Send an email to Frankey Chang" button on your profile.
          In case you don't want to reveal your email address, I'll write down my email address here.

          Would you mind sending me your email so that I can keep in touch with you in the near future?
          I’ll look forward to your email

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