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Which is more important, to do right or to do good?

A rich man walks down the street and drop a 20 dollar bill. You know he will not even notice it is gone. On the side of the street sits a beggar who looks really hungry. The good thing is to give the money to the beggar, the right thing is to give it back to the man who dropped it.

- Maybe instead of taking this question , as a question of right and wrong or judgment, perhaps what we can take from this is that there are a variety of opinions and many people have different ideas of what is morally right. That is beautiful to me. This is just an example that good and right are almost undefinable, or at the least the definition is always changing for everyone.

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  • Jan 8 2013: Besides the question of one being more important than the other, there is also the possibility for one coming first and the other coming second. Which could be seen as a personal, spiritual, development.

    Most of the subjects that Swedenborg deals with have to do with, and relate to, Truth and Good. One aspect of the relationship of good and truth is that truth comes first and good develops later. Several stories in the Old Testament deal with a first born loosing all birth rights to the one born second. Jacob and Esau and the sons of Joseph where they are both blessed by their grand father who crosses over his arms during the blessing.

    Basically it is comparable to first (in time) getting a driver's license, but the use of the license later is more important.

    To do things because they are right (or following truth) is us doing them while following certain rules and expectations. Kids do not want to be punished, adults do not want to loose their reputation, or wealth. So we do things right.

    At some point in our life we are hoped to switch to doing good things because we love to do things that are good. When we do good things, only because we love doing good, not because we want to get wealthier etc. we are angels even before our body dies.
    That was my sermon for today :)

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