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Since the Monetary system is man made, why do we allow debt, inflation, starvation etc... to persist? Can the system be transformed?

Money is a social system where value can be moved and recognized on a global scale, but at its very core it is still man made. It is not sentient by any stretch of the imagination, it is controlled by man.

Would a better system be one that allows Money to, only have labor value?

The current system allows Money to be made from Money, which places more value in Money itself, than the necessary labor to produce goods or services.

In essence "The Emperor's New Clothes" we make something from nothing.


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  • Jan 5 2013: Many issues are combined in your dream. Maybe the entire package is a bit large.
    • Jan 7 2013: I hope the "entire package" picks up steam. As for me, just a start, a nudge to get folks to think about the system and how it can be changed.

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