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Since the Monetary system is man made, why do we allow debt, inflation, starvation etc... to persist? Can the system be transformed?

Money is a social system where value can be moved and recognized on a global scale, but at its very core it is still man made. It is not sentient by any stretch of the imagination, it is controlled by man.

Would a better system be one that allows Money to, only have labor value?

The current system allows Money to be made from Money, which places more value in Money itself, than the necessary labor to produce goods or services.

In essence "The Emperor's New Clothes" we make something from nothing.


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    Jan 5 2013: What would the effect be if the us government instead of giving a bailout directly to the banks were to give the banks a payment of some percentage of the mortgages held by the banks? Wouldn't that give the banks the same money while at the same time reducing the burden of debt on individual us mortgage holders? If this idea has any merit, could it be applied now by insisting that any bailout money not repaid to the Us Government be applied to all the mortgages held by the bank equally? Granted this might end up being a small percentage, but any percentage would improve the situation for individual debtors. If this idea has no merit please explain why, and if it is meritorious what can be done to advance the idea?
    • Jan 6 2013: that would have been a very good idea. But a better one would be to issue the money under the guise of buying shares of the banks, so each time they turned a profit the government would get a share, thus increasing revenues in government (yearly), allowing those funds to help alleviate funds and improve infrastructure.

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