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What are you willing to do to make the world a better place?

I have my own answer, and I am giving everything I can to it. What is your answer?

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    Jan 4 2013: I'm ready to lead by example. 1 Timothy 4:12 is what I'll live by.
    I also love the slogan used by my former school, Damelin College, which says: "Live, love, learn, leave a legacy"
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      Jan 5 2013: Feyisayo, what are you already doing to lead by example?

      By the way, where or what is Damelin College?
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        Jan 5 2013: As an actor/writer/director/producer I'm known for hardwork, intergrity, dedication to duty and excellence.
        I'm involved in media advocacy; I've shot PSAs that speaks against 'Rape', 'Teenage Pregnancy', and 'Human Traffikking'
        More importantly, those who know me will tell you that I exude love and goodness.

        I did my Grade 12 at Damelin College, a school in Bramley, a Northern Johannesburg suburb, before my Bachelor of Arts degree at AFDA film school in Johannesburg.
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    Jan 8 2013: Hello Armistral,
    I have been, and continue to be, willing to be fully present, and mindfully aware in each and every moment of the life adventure:>)

    Different stages of my life, have embraced volunteering in woman/children's shelter/family center, co-facilitating "cognitive self change" sessions with incarcerated men, volunteering in a terminal care facility, guest-lecturing at the univ. on the topic of violence and abuse in relationships, challenging a toxic business, serving on local and regional planning and development boards....etc.

    I have been involved with people, and social services, as well as involvement with land use organizations. I am an avid gardener, with hundreds of perrenials, herbs, fruits, water gardens, etc. Actually, my mother was in her gardens when she went into labor for me... we went to the hosp....did our thing, and we went back home to the garden. I have been in a garden my whole life:>)

    I think it is important to be aware of our environment, which sustains all of us.....or well as the people who inhabit our environment. I encourage working together toward a goal of health and peace, and that goal has to start with each and every one of us as individuals.

    I KNOW I can be a good steward in the one tiny space I occupy in this earth school, and if we could ALL do our little part, what a wonderful world it would be?
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    Jan 5 2013: The world will be a relatively better place if I don't do anything to make it a worse place. So I will continue to TRY and control myself by demonstrating love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance: against such things there is no law. I know what you're thinking, but with God all things are possible.
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      Jan 5 2013: Then I would argue you are doing an awful lot to make the world a better place. You are doing something active by demonstrating those virtues, they are actions, not just non-actions!

      If god exists we must all be part of god and so of course all the things that are possible for god are possible for us, unfortunately that means ALL things, not just the good ones so your expressions and acts of goodness is god in the world being good. Thanks for that!
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        Jan 5 2013: You are very kind sir. I just hope I can put on my tombstone, "He didn't make the world any worse."
        By the way, may I suggest a much more important point to ponder is: "if God does NOT exist". Be well sir!
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    Jan 5 2013: Armistral ., in my mind every action I do makes the world a better place, ranging from tiny actions to big ones. I think tying my shoe can make the world a better place if I do it with consciousness, care, skill.

    If you're asking about the big ones, oh, that might take a while. I like to walk, in fact I don't have a car and rarely go anywhere on the bus, so I'm very local. I think walking more makes the world a better place.

    When I'm walking, if I see a big piece of trash in the street, I'll usually pick it up and put it in the nearest trashcan. Or if I see problems in the community, such as a broken streetlight or fire hydrant, I'll find the right person to report it to and get it fixed.

    For five years I've followed an unusual diet, which is living only on milk. Every day I drink between one and two gallons of milk a day, and I don't eat or drink anything else. I've seen many benefits from this diet, and I keep telling people about it so they'll at least know it's a possibility, even if they don't use it. Possibilities, options, make the world a better place.

    I like to think and ask questions. I believe sharing my thoughts and questions, such as on the TED site, makes the world a better place. Often I'll call in to talk radio shows from the audience at home and share my ideas and questions on the air. I believe exchange of ideas and new questions makes the world a better place.
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      Jan 5 2013: Awesome Greg, for sure the little things matter as much as the big ones (big ones are just lots of little ones anyway!). I look at my own life in a similar way, all those daily things I do privately and publicly are either better or worse for one and all and I try to make them better.

      If you ever get the desire to exchange those ideas and questions in another format, please consider as a place to do that, we need everything you have to offer.
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    Jan 12 2013: That is awesome Colleen! Thank you for doing so much in so many ways to make a difference!
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      Jan 14 2013: Armistral,
      It IS indeed "awesome" because it is how I learn, grow and evolve in the earth school. I cannot even imagine spending time here (earth) being complacent! I cannot imagine NOT being fully engaged with the human life experience, and exploring everything that is possible. While we are making a difference in our world (hopefully), we are making a difference in situation, don't you think?
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    Jan 5 2013: I want "Ninja Timelord" or maybe "Time and Space are a State of Mind" on mine :)

    I have pondered that point but regardless choose to call everything and all that is "god" that way unless reality/existence/life is nothing but an illusion "god" still exists and I still get to enjoy that thought!
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    Jan 4 2013: Awesome! If everyone felt the same the (human) world would change in a generation at an incredibly.

    Glad to know you are out there, a good friend of mine would sum it up in a very similar way.